Coach & Instructor List

Recently updated on: 2024-06-07 11:02:12
Chan Kwok MingSnooker Coach
Chan Tze HeiSnooker Instructor,Pool Instructor
Chan Wing ChungSenior Snooker Instructor,Pool Instructor
Chen Chor KwanNational Coach
Cheung Fuk KwanPool Instructor
Ching Tze ChunSnooker Instructor
Chiu Chi WaiSnooker Instructor,Pool Instructor
Choi Tin KitSnooker Instructor,Pool Instructor
Chong Chai YinSnooker Instructor
Chow Yin ChunSnooker Instructor
Fong Yuen PiuSnooker Coach,Pool Coach
Fung Chun To JohnSenier Snooker Instructor
Ip Tung PongPool Instructor
Jeung Siu Hin, NevilleNational Coach
Kong Bu HongPool Instructor
Kwan To OnSenior Pool Instructor
Lam Shu ShingSnooker Instructor
Lau Tin ChiSnooker Instructor
Leung Wing LuenSnooker Instructor
Li Tze MingSenior Snooker Instructor,Senior Pool Instructor
Lin Kai OnSenior Snooker Instructor,Pool Instructor
Lo Siu wai jamesSnooker Instructor
Lo Tsun YingNational Coach
Ng Kok Chung AndySnooker Instructor,Pool Instructor
Nip Hoi YanPool Coach
Shing Kwok TungSnooker Instructor,Senior Pool Instructor
Sin Kim ChungSnooker Instructor,Senior Pool Instructor
Siu Yat singSnooker Instructor
SO Wai Lam Pool Instructor
SRIKASEM ThomasPool Instructor
Wong Sai Wah CalvinSnooker Instructor,Pool Instructor
Wong Yau WaiSenior Snooker Instructor
Yan Koon SanSenior Snooker Instructor,Pool Instructor