Feeder Training

The purpose of Feeder Training is to provide advanced and systematic training to potential players for further development to become Hong Kong representative players. 


  • Under the age of 16 with a Hong Kong Identity Card; and
  • With certain level of billiard skills (a skill test is required); or
  • Have been selected for the Young Athletes Training Scheme; or
  • Entered the last 16 or above in the Inter-School Snooker/Pool Championship or Hong Kong Youth Snooker/Pool Open Championship held by the HKBSCC; or
  • Recommended by the HKBSCC coach or instructor.

Players are required to pass an assessment arranged by the HKBSCC coaches. It includes technical, match-play, individual performance, etc.
Please check the latest information on HKBSCC website for the upcoming feeder selection.