Hong Kong Billiard Representative Squad Selection Criteria and Appeal Policy

1.  Introduction

Hong Kong Billiard Sports Control Council Company Limited (the “Council”) is committed to ensuring the selection of the Hong Kong billiard representative squad is based on the principles of equality, fairness and high transparency.

2. Selection Criteria

Depending on the nature and available quota of the overseas tournament, the Council will select players based on the following:

  • Local ranking;
  • Result of the selection tournament; or
  • Head Coach recommendation based on benchmarking, strategy and/or long term planning.

The selected athletes must fulfill a number of conditions, such as attending all required training sessions set by the Head Coach, meeting disciplinary requirements, etc. before they can represent Hong Kong in the tournament.

Generally, the Council will establish the selection criteria for each overseas tournament and make it known to the athletes.

3. Selection Process

If a selection tournament will be held, the rules of the selection tournament will be determined based on the conditions and requirements of the relevant overseas tournament, with reference to the situation of the squad at the time.

4. Appeal Policy

Athletes who disagree with the results may appeal to the Council. The appellant may not appeal simply based on a disagreement/dissatisfaction with the result, the grounds of appeal shall be non-compliance with the selection criteria or that the result is based on unreasonable/unfair/irrelevant factors.

5. The Appeal Panel

The Executive Committee of the Council will set up an Appeal Panel to determine the appeal. Members of the Appeal Panel will be appointed by the Executive Committee.

6. Appeal Procedure

6.1 The appellant must submit a written notice of appeal to the Council within 3 calendar days after the announcement of the selection results. Late applications will not be accepted.

6.2 Appellant who are under 18 years of age may appeal through their parents or guardians. Appeals submitted anonymously will not be accepted.

6.3 The notice of appeal must clearly state the grounds and justifications for the appeal and be accompanied by a crossed cheque for the appeal fee of HK$1,000 (payable to “Hong Kong Billiard Sports Control Council Company Limited”). The fee will be refunded if the appeal is allowed.

6.4 The appellant will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the notice of appeal from the Counsel within 10 working days. An Appeal Panel will be formed as soon as practicable which shall use its best endeavour to determine the appeal within 21 working days, and notify the appellant of its decision within 10 working days thereafter, and the result shall be final.

【Date: 2022.1.31】