Message from the Chairman


Welcome to the webpage of the Billiard Sports Council of Hong Kong China (HKBSCC).

Although billiard sports may not be as popular as the other mainstream sports, they have a long and important history in Hong Kong.

In the mid-70s, benefited by the popularization of colour televisions, billiard sports had gradually gained attention in the United Kingdom. This fashion was brought to Hong Kong. In the 80’s, billiard sports were very trendy and sought-after in Hong Kong. The development of billiard sports in Hong Kong helped spread their growth in Asia.

In the 90s, billiard sports were also a major sport in other Asian regions such as Thailand, Malaysia and India. In 1998, they became a featured sport in the Asian Games. Billiard sports had also been introduced into Mainland China through Hong Kong. Since the 21st century, Mainland China has become the largest market for billiard sports outside of the United Kingdom.

Hong Kong as a city has been enjoying disproportionate achievements in billiard sports. In all these years, Hong Kong billiard players collected a number of medals in 4 Asian Games (including 4 gold medals), and produced World Junior Champions, a World Amateur Champion, a Woman World Champion and a top-notch professional player. Hong Kong also hosted a number of major professional snooker tournaments, which were highly regarded by professional players and local billiard fans.

All these admirable achievements were made possible by the contributions of a group of predecessors. These predecessors include the founding members of HKBSCC and some generous sponsors. Through their efforts, Hong Kong received valuable support on grooming billiard sports players, coaches and referees. These contributions were made during the times when there were no resources allocated by the Government to billiard sports.

At present, billiard sports are an elite sport of the Hong Kong Sports Institute. As long as billiard sports can retain this status, we will enjoy certain guarantee in terms of resources.

While Hong Kong has achieved tremendous success in billiard sports, we cannot live on past glories. On the contrary, we in HKBSCC have the primary obligation to provide more training and opportunities to young athletes, so that they can succeed to promote and develop billiard sports in Hong Kong, keeping billiard sports in Hong Kong up with the times.

To achieve these objectives, we cannot just rely on our current athletes and coaches. So we must endeavour to develop junior athletes, raise awareness of billiard sports in Hong Kong, and provide more opportunities to people who are interested in the sports to take part.

On this front, if you love billiard sports, or if you are interested in the sports, whether you prefer snooker or pool, and regardless of your skill level, we urge you to take part in our activities, such as our open tournaments, training classes, referee courses, etc. If you or your business are interested in sponsoring our events, please reach out to us. It will only be meaningful for HKBSCC to go on if there are people who keep participating in and supporting billiard sports, so we can write a brighter chapter of our story together.

We hope to see you in our functions.

Vincent Law